Saturday, December 13, 2008

Marine Engineering Book Free Download

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Outboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair, 2nd Edition (2009)
by: Edwin R. Sherman
Piling Engineering (2008)
by: Keith Elson
Added Masses of Ship Structures (2008)
by: Alexandr I. Korotkin
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates, Sixth Edition (2006)
by: Bryan Barrass, Capt D R Derrett
Subsea Pipelines and Risers (2005)
by: Yong Bai
Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates (2004)
by: Bryan Barrass
Ship Knowledge: A Modern Encyclopedia (2003)
by: Klaas van Dokkum
Marine Structural Design (2003)
by: Yong Bai
The American Practical Navigator (2002)
by: Nathaniel Bowditch
Practical Ship Design (2002)
by: D.G.M. Watson
Ship Construction, Fifth Edition (2001)
by: D J Eyres
Ocean Engineering Series Vol 3: Pipelines and Risers (2001)
by: Yong Bai
Basic Ship Theory Volume 2. Ship Dynamics and Design (2001)
by: E. C. Tupper, KJ Rawson
Practical Design of Ships & Other Floating Structures Volume 1 (2001)
by: You-Sheng Wu, Wei-Cheng Cui & Guo-Jun Zhou (Editor)
Basic Ship Theory Volume 1. Hydrostatics and Strength (2001)
by: KJ Rawson, E. C. Tupper
Principles of Yacht Design (2000)
by: Lars Larsson
Anatomy of the Ship. The 100-Fun Ship Victory (2000)
by: John McKay
Practical Ship Hydrodynamics (2000)
by: Volker Bertram
Marine Auxiliary Machinery, 7th Edition (1999)
by: H D McGeorge
Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy, 2nd Edition (1998)
by: H. Schneekluth, V. Bertram
Introduction to Marine Engineering, 2nd Edition (1997)
by: D A Taylor
100 Boat Designs Reviewed: Design Commentaries by the Experts (1997)
by: Peter H. Spectre
Anatomy of the Ship: The Armed Transport Bounty (1988)
by: John McKay

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