Saturday, December 6, 2008

Computer Science Book Free Download

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Dental Computing and Applications: Advanced Techniques for Clinical Dentistry, 1st Edition (2009)
by Athanasios E. Athanasiou
Co-engineering Applications and Adaptive Business Technologies in Practice: Enterprise Service Ontologies, Models, and Frameworks (2009)
by: Jay Ramanathan, Rajiv Ramnath
grep Pocket Reference (2009)
by: John Bambenek, Agnieszka Klus
Sharing a Vision: Systems and Algorithms for Collaboratively-Teleoperated Robotic Cameras (2009)
by: Dezhen Song
Safety-Critical Systems: Problems, Process and Practice (Proceedings of the Seventeenth Safety-Critical Systems Symposium Brighton, UK, 3-5 February 2009)
by: Chris Dale, Tom Anderson (Editors)
Computers in the Human Interaction Loop (2009)
by: Alexander Waibel, Rainer Stiefelhagen (Editors)
Handbook of Research on Geoinformatics (2008)
by: Hassan A. Karimi
Countering Counterfeit Trade: Illicit Market Insights, Best-Practice Strategies, and Management Toolbox (2008)
by: Thorsten Staake, Elgar Fleisch
Digital Signage: Software, Networks, Advertising, and Displays (2008)
by: Jimmy Schaeffler
Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Reasoning (2008)
by: Artur S. d'Avila Garcez, Luis C. Lamb, Dov M. Gabbay
PC Quicksteps, 2nd Edition (2008)
by: Guy Hart-Davis
Dependability Benchmarking for Computer Systems (2008)
by: Karama Kanoun, Lisa Spainhower
Cases on Managing E-Services (2008)
by: Ada Scupola
Clustering (IEEE Press Series on Computational Intelligence) (2008)
by: Rui Xu, Don Wunsch
Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications (2008)
by: Roger Lee (Editor)
Design of Cost-Efficient Interconnect Processing Units: Spidergon STNoC (2008)
by: Marcello Coppola, Miltos D. Grammatikakis, Riccardo Locatelli, Giuseppe Maruccia, Lorenzo Pieralisi
Mainframe Basics for Security Professionals (2008)
by: Ori Pomerantz
Graph-based Knowledge Representation: Computational Foundations of Conceptual Graphs (2008)
by: Michel Chein
Open IT-Based Innovation: Moving Towards Cooperative IT Transfer and Knowledge Diffusion (2008)
by: Gonzalo Leon
Computer-based Medical Guidelines and Protocols: A Primer and Current Trends (2008)
by: P. Lucas
Swarm Intelligence: Introduction and Applications (2008)
by: Christian Blum
SAP GRC For Dummies (2008)
by: Denise Vu Broady, Holly A. Roland
The NeuroProcessor An Integrated Interface to Biological Neural Networks (2008)
by: Yevgeny Perelman, Ran Ginosar
Digital Principles and Logic Design (2007)
by: A. Saha
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications (2007)
by: Joseph Boccuzzi
Computer-Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques (2007)
by: M. Goyal
Advanced NXT The Da Vinci Inventions Book (2007)
by: Matthias Paul Scholz
Advances in Computers Vol 69 (2007)
by: Marvin Zelowitz (editor)
Modeling & Simulation-Based Data Engineering (2007)
by: Bernard P. Zeigler, Phillip E. Hammonds
The Minimum Description Length Principle (2007)
by: Peter D. Gr├╝nwald, Jorma Rissanen
UML 2 Certification Guide: Fundamental & Intermediate Exams (2006)
by: Tim Weilkiens, Bernd Oestereich
Cutting Code: Software And Sociality (2006)
by: Adrian Mackenzie
Computer System Performance Modeling in Perspective (2006)
by: Erol Gelenbe
Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (2006)
by: Padma Raghavan, and Horst D. Simon Edited by Michael A. Heroux
Microprocessor Design: A Practical Guide from Design Planning to Manufacturing (2006)
by: Grant McFarland
Managing Complex Systems: Thinking Outside the Box (2005)
by: Howard Eisner
Structured Computer Organization (2005)
by: Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Developing Intelligent Agent Systems: A Practical Guide (2004)
by: Lin Padgham, Michael Winikoff
Digital Design and Computer Organization (2003)
by: Hassan A. Farhat
Practicing Software Engineering in the 21st Century (2003)
by: Joan Peckham & Scott J. Lloyd (Editor)
Easy Microsoft Money (2003)
by: Gina Carrillo
Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction (2002)
by: Jenny Preece, Yvonne Rogers
IT Problem Management (2001)
by: Gary Walker
Computer Design and Architecture; Third Edition, Revised and Expanded (2000)
by: Sajjan G. Shiva
Understanding and Applying Machine Vision (2000)
by: Nello Zeuch
Knowledge Engineering and Management: The Common KADS Methodology (1999)
by: Guus Schreiber, Hans Akkermans, Anjo
Artificial Intelligence and Literary Creativity: Inside the Mind of Brutus, A Storytelling Machine (1999)
by: Selmer Bringsjord, David A. Ferrucci
Neural Networks: A Systematic Introduction (1996)
by: Raul Rojas, J. Feldman
Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines (1993)
by: Apple Computer Inc.
Computer Architecture And Organization (1990)
by: Ian East

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