Saturday, December 6, 2008

Civil Engineering Book Free Download

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Building Services Handbook, 5th Edition (2009)
by: Fred Hall, Roger Greeno BA
Structural Analysis, 7th Edition (2008)
by: Russell C. Hibbeler
Structural Analysis: Civil Engineering Course Material (2008)
by: IIT Kharagpur
Water Resources Engineering (2008)
by: IIT Kharagpur
Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads (2008)
by: European Conference of Ministers of Transport
Blueprint Reading (2008)
by: Sam Kubba
Advanced Piping Design (2008)
by: Rutger Boterman
Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition (2008)
by: Edward G. Nawy
Land Use and Transport: European Research Towards Integrated Policies (2007)
by: Stephen Marshall
Fire Safety Engineering: Design of Structures, 2nd Edition (2006)
by: John A. Purkiss
Advanced Reservoir Engineering (2005)
by: Ahmed, Tarek H & Paul D. McKinney
Mechanics and Strength of Materials (2005)
by: Vitor Dias da Silva
New Generation In Design (2005)
by: Cornelia Dorries, Andrea Platena
Resistance Welding: Fundamentals and Applications (2005)
by: Hongyan Zhang, Jacek Senkara
Working Drawings Handbook (2004)
by: Keith Styles
Rock Slope Engineering: Civil and Mining, 4th Edition (2004)
by: Duncan C Wyllie
ESAB Glossary of Technical Terms (2005)
by: American Welding Society
Building Construction Handbook, 5th Edition (2004)
by: Roy Chudley, Roger Greeno
Road Engineering for Development (2004)
by: Richar Robinson
Masonary: Instant Answers (2004)
by: Rochelle C. Jaffe
Complete Building Construction (Audel Technical Trades Series) (2004)
by: Eugene Leger
Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers (2003)
by: Jonathan T. Ricketts, M. Kent Loftin, Frederick S. Merritt
Code Check Building: A Field Guide To The Building Codes (2003)
by: Kardon, Redwood
Handbook of Building Materials for Fire Protection (2003)
by: Charles Harper
Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology (2002)
by: G. Mathias Kondolf
Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook (2001)
by: Frank Woodard
Reservoir Engineering Handbook (2001)
by: Tarek Ahmed
Avoiding Claims in Building Design: Risk Management in Practice (2000)
by: Malcolm Taylor
Gypsum Construction Handbook (2000)
by: United States Gypsum USG Corporation
Building Design And Construction Handbook, 6th Edition (2000)
by: Merritt, Frederick S.; Ricketts, Jonathan T.
Estimator's Piping Man-Hour Manual (1999)
by: John S. Page
Prestressed Concrete Design (1998)
by: M.K. Hurst
Passive Energy Dissipation Systems in Structural Engineering (1997)
by: T.T. Soong, G.F. Dargush
Testing of Concrete in Structures, 3rd Revised Edition (1995)
by: J.H. Bungey, S.G. Millard
Concrete Materials: Properties, Specifications and Testing, 2nd Edition (1992)
by: Sandor Popovics
Pipeline Pigging Technology, 2nd Edition (1992)
by: J.N.H. Titatsoo (editor)
University Builders (1991)
by: Martin Pearce
Building Contract Dictionary (1991)
by: David Chappell
Hot and Cold Water Supply (1991)
by: BSI

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