Saturday, June 5, 2010

MySQL Admin Cookbook

What you will learn from this book:
* Set up MySQL replication to manage load balancing, online back up, and fail-over scenarios
* Create, modify, and delete indexes; also identify duplicate indexes to optimize your MySQL servers' performance
* Leverage the power of MySQL Administrator, Query Browser GUI Tools, and the MySQL command line client
* Back up your database and restore the data efficiently and reliably with advanced techniques such as on-the-fly compression, point-in-time recovery, avoiding extended lock situations, backup in replication scenarios, and partial backup and restore.
* Manage data by deleting data in a highly efficient manner, inserting data based on existing database content, and importing and exporting data in a customizable manner
* Monitor table space usage and use database metadata to your advantage
* Deal with typical performance bottlenecks and lock-contention problems
* Configure MySQL and leverage available settings to their full potential
* Manage MySQL user accounts and assign appropriate privileges
* Restrict access sensibly and regain access to your database in case of loss of administrative user credentials
* Manage the schema by adding and removing columns from tables, choosing a suitable storage engine and character set for individual needs
* Add a new primary key column to a table already filled with data and also manage and automate database schema evolution in the context of application updates.

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