Monday, June 14, 2010

2009 International Building Code Need to Know

2009 International Building Code Essentials at Your Fingertips
This handy resource delivers quick access to international building code information. 2009 International Building Code Need To Know explains and interprets the most common International Code Council requirements. Packed with illustrations, this essential tool brings together all the elements you need to design, estimate, and install building systems. Save time and money, reduce errors, stay in compliance, and increase job site safety using this quick reference.

2009 International Building Code Need To Know features:
* Clear explanations and interpretations of ICC International Building Code
* Helpful trade tips
* Detailed visual references

Inside this on-the-job guide: Use and Occupancy Classification
* Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy
* General Building Heights and Areas
* Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction
* Fire-Protection Systems
* Means of Egress
* Accessibility
* Exterior Walls
* Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures
* Structural Design
* Soils and Foundations
* Wood
* Plastic
* Encroachments Into the Public Right-Of-Way

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